• Writer: Margriet Ruurs (age:71)
  • Illustrator: Nizar Ali Badr (age:52)
  • First published: 2016
  • In this dual language picture book a young girl and her family are forced to flee their once peacefull village to excape the civil war and make their way toward safety in Europe.
  • 23 pages

Margiret Ruurs

stepping writer

Nizar Ali Badr

  • Writer and Illustrator: Elise Gravel (age:46)
  • First published: 2019
  • Gravel says about this book: “I made this short comic to explain to kids what a refugeeis. Parents and teachers, feel free to print this for personal / classroom use only.”
  • This book, oh-so-simply and graphically introduces the term “refugee” to curious young children to help them better understand the world in which they live.
  • 30 pages.

Elise Gravel

  • Writer: Nicola Davies (age:64)
  • Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb (age:41)
  • First published: 2018
  • A moving, poetic narrative and child-friendly illustrations follow the heartbreaking, ultimately hopeful journey of a little girl who is forced to become a refugee.
  • 28 pages.

Nicola Davies


Rebecca Cobb

  • Writer and illustrator: Chris naylor-ballesteros (Age: 45)
  • First published: 2019
  • “The Suitcase” has so many potential discussions packed into its beautifully written, accessible narrative, it should be shared with every child learning about immigrants and refugees. The illustrations capture the heart of the story perfectly. It is so well crafted and touching, it brought tears to my eyes.
  • 32 pages
  • Book with free download

Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

  • Writer: Mike Unwin (Age:58)
  • Illustrator: Jenni Desmond (Age: 39) She has wonThe New York TimesBest Illustrated Book Award.
  • First publication: 2018
  • Follow the amazing migrations of 20 creatures in this spectacular book: trek across South Africa with gigantic elephants, scour Christmas Island and find a million red crabs, and observe a cloud of fruit bats as they take to the midnight sky over Kasanka Forest. Travel around the globe with some of the world’s most incredible animals and discover their unique migration stories.
  • 46 pages

Mike Unwin


Jenni Desmond