Writer and Illustrator: Barroux

First published: 2017

Three lost polar bears search for a new home in this timely book from award-winning French illustrator Barroux.

While the three polar bears are living a quiet and peaceful life on the ice, the piece of ice they are on suddenly breaks and they have to get away from their homes. They have to find a shelter for themselves. While drifting in the ocean, they encounter different islands and different animals. But they are too furry for a cow or too crowded for a panda. Will the polar bears find a home in the vast ocean? Award-winning French illustrator Barroux wrote this story inspired by the problems faced by Syrian refugees. Although the story does not directly mention refugees, the book provides a backdrop for parents to talk to their children about refugees and immigration. It is a story that will open new doors in children’s minds and create awareness and empathy.

32 pages